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scaffolding steel screw prop

Author: Karen source: Sxversed 25 Aug 2017 - adjustable steel props,steel props

Scaffolding adjustable steel props are widely used in different supporting area. Steel props have internal tube, external tube, prop nut, base plate and top plate, which can be adjusted to any length within its range and convenient for using.

Steel props are for supporting concrete slab, beam, timber and formwork which is strong and reliable for interior building construction.

Basic information:

1.Diameter of inner tube: 40mm,48mm,etc. 
2.Diameter of outer tube:  48m,56mm,60mm etc. 
3.Wall thickness:1.6mm,1.7mm,1.8mm,2mm etc. 
4.Adjustable length:
Heavy duty :1800-3200mm,2100-3400mm,2200-3900mm , 2200- 4000mm,3000-5000mm,3500-4000mm etc.        
Light duty: 1600-3000mm,1800-3500mm,2000-3500mm etc.  
5.Base plate:120*120*4mm/4.5mm/5mm,150*150*6mm 
6.Shape of base plate: flower or square 
7.Surface : paint,hot dipped galvanized,pre-galvanized,electrical galvanized    
8.Type:with hands cup or open thread 
9.OEM service is available

10.Package:in bundle or in bulk   

Item Model Specification
Heavy Duty steel prop Inner tube diameter
Outer tube diameter
Tube thickness
Adjustable length
shoring-prop-2 (1)shoring-prop
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